"From Business Analytics to Business Insights”

The experts in our Business Insights team help forward-thinking organizations across different industries in becoming a successful strategy- focused organization. With clear insight into the cost & profitability of your products, services and customers, we provide you with the detailed information you need to make the right decisions & strategic actions.

Our focus as business consultants is to assist you in the realization of your mission and to provide you with practical answers to unlock the true potential of your organization.

We do not just provide you with a solution, we work together until we find the answer that best fits the needs and capacities of your organization and we will continue to work with you until all pieces of the puzzle have been brought together and performance actually improves.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is our differentiator which has already exceeded many customer expectations and continues to make significant contributions to our clients' organizational performance on a daily basis. Business insights combines the best of the academic world and its developments with best practices and experiences from 'the field'.

Our teams are considered the best in the field of business performance. Our passion, drive for results, pragmatic approach and expert skills have given our organization the recognition as a 'trusted advisor', delivering high quality and sustainable results at an accelerated pace.

Strategy & Transformation Management =

We make our clients think about their organization. Not only about their future organization, but particularly about their market, their competitors, their organizational capabilities, their internal processes... All of these elements are necessary to formulate a strong strategy, aimed at creating value for your stakeholders and transforming into the organization you aspire to become.

Related topics:
Strategy Formulation, Strategy Execution & Coaching, Strategic Risk Management, Key Performance & Risk Indicators, Strategic Initiatives Management, Transformation & Change Management, Business Portfolio Strategy, Creating Competitive Strategies

Costing & Profitability Management=

Making tough decisions is always easier when you have reliable information. With our globally recognized expertise in costing & profitability concepts and systems, Delaware Consulting helps companies reveal those insights they need to improve their decision-making and to advance their bottom-line profitability.

Related topics:
Cost-to-Serve, Profit Action Planning, Strategic Cost Management, Product Costing, Variance Analysis, Process Costing, Capacity Management, Responsibility Accounting, Chargeback of Shared Services, P&L by Destination

Financial Management Solutions=

Having a smooth automated financial process from closing to consolidating and to reporting, integrated with forecasts and budgets…Dream or reality? Delaware Consulting is the trusted advisor for numerous finance-offices thanks to its in-depth financial & business expertise. Combined with world-class knowledge of the tools & softwares, we make sure that your financial processes run in the best way possible.

Related topics:
Accounting & Controlling, Cash & Working Capital, Closing, Risk & Compliance, Budgeting & Consolidation

Performance Management Solutions=

One of today’s biggest challenges is having a solution that measures your company’s true performance. You want to know which buttons to push so you can manage your company’s performance.

Delaware Consulting goes beyond just managing performance: We believe you should be able to simulate and optimize future scenarios, so you can make the best possible decisions, today and tomorrow.

Related topics:
Strategy & Risk Measurement, Balanced Scorecard & KPI Measurement, Costing & Profitability Measurement, Supply-chain costing, Simulation & Optimization

Business Intelligence Solutions=

Reporting that is being done in massive self-developed Excel-sheets, including the continuous updating to keep up with the information needs of the business…Sounds familiar? Delaware Consulting helps companies gain competitive advantages by making sure that our clients have an up-to-date and integrated view of their business intelligence.

Related topics:
Enterprise Reporting, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Analytics, Dashboarding, Benchmarking, Trend Analysis, Data Mining, Predictive Analysis, Collaboration and Collaborative BI, Knowledge Management, HANA

Our Team

The Business Insights team is led by a group of globally recognized experts in the field of Strategy & Transformation, Costing & Profitability and Business Intelligence. They guide our clients towards improving their overall performance with the support of over 80 Business Insights consultants, specialized in making companies run better.


Patrick Andersen (Partner)

Patrick has gained extensive experience in a broad range of consulting areas, ranging from operational & financial process reviews to the design and implementation of complex measurement frameworks and systems.

Based on his former role as managing partner with an international IT-consultancy firm, Patrick is highly experienced in overall management and client management. Patrick has the expertise and drive to match corporate strategies with operational processes and best-in-class integrated systems, improving businesses’ performance.


Werner Bruggeman (Board of Directors)

Werner is a Performance Management thought leader and Professor in Management Accounting and Control at the University of Ghent, as well as Vlerick Business School, where he was dean from 1993 until 1998.

He is highly experienced in training and consultancy, especially in the design and implementation of cost and performance measurement systems. He coaches many companies in strategy development and implementation and the introduction of the Strategy Focused Organization.


Thierry Bruyneel(Partner)

Thierry specializes in the domain of strategy execution, management control and (time-driven) activity-based Costing. He is highly appreciated in the market in designing and implementing global concepts, processes and systems related to this.

Thierry is being asked for speaking assignments at different universities, high schools and business seminars, like CIMA, EHSAL, VLEKHO, IFBD, and KLUWER. In 2004, he also contributed to the book 'Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing' (Kaplan and Anderson), with the success-story of the first European time-driven ABC implementation at Sanac Logistics.


Philippe Dendievel (Partner)

Philippe has a background in automation, IT infrastructure management, database technology, and application development and business intelligence.

Philippe has been the project manager for the implementation of numerous business intelligence & data warehouse projects in Belgium, the USA, and China, and he has significant experience in business intelligence applications and executive dashboards.


Kris Moreels (Partner)

Kris has an extensive project experience in coaching and implementing activity-based management systems in industrial, services and non-profit sectors. He assisted many companies, both in profit and non-profit organizations in the development and design of integrated management accounting & control systems with an emphasis on activity-based costing, time-driven activity-based costing and activity-based budgeting.

Kris is guest lecturer in many management programs at several national and international institutions and is author of publications in the area of ABC, TD-ABC and Management Accounting and Control in general.


Geert Scheipers(Partner)

Geert has plenty of practical experience in the field of Management Accounting & Control, serving initially as financial controller for a publicly listed logistic service provider. He has specific interest in linking the latest academic developments with practioners’ insights in the domain of strategy development & implementation, value-based management, ABC/M and the balanced scorecard.

Geert is a guest lecturer at the Vlerick Business School, academic lead at Antwerp Management School, member of the Board of the Belgian Institute of Management Accountants and Controllers (BIMAC) and author of a number of interesting articles and papers.


Have a look at some of our business cases. We continue to update this page as frequently as we can to give you the best idea possible of what Business Insights can do for your company.

  • Strategy & Transformation
  • Costing & Profitability
  • Financial Management
  • Performance Management
  • Business Intelligence


Delaware Consulting helps define the Eternet corporate strategy while optimizing the business portfolio.

Download Eternet Case=

Jessa Ziekenhuis

Delaware Consulting inspires Jessa Ziekenhuis medical personnel to nurture a new corporate strategy.

Download Jessa ZH Case=

Panasonic Europe

Delaware Consulting transforms Panasonic Europe's corporate strategy into an effective sales and marketing strategy.

Download Panasonic Case=

Tessenderlo Chemie

Delaware Consulting aligns corporate, business unit, and support unit strategies at Tessenderlo Chemie.

Download TC Case=

Thomas Cook

Delaware Consulting guides Thomas Cook's transformation from a brochure-driven to an e-driven organization.

Download Thomas Cook Case=


Delaware Consulting helps Infrax to streamline its organization completely after a set of mergers.

Download Infrax Case=


Delaware Consulting introduces Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing at the third largest insurance company in the Netherlands.

Download ASR Case=

Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium

Delaware Consulting streamlines the processes of the distribution centers of Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium.

Download CCEB Case=


Delaware Consulting improves management accounting & control at Cetrel, including innovative chargeback methodology.

Download Cetrel Case=


Delaware Consulting partners with Colruyt to improve cost awareness of their Shared Services.

Download Colruyt Case=


Delaware Consulting helps KBC to improve insights of their cost-to-serve in the dynamic and complex environment of bancassurance.

Download KBC Case=
We are hard at work at creating Financial Management cases for your inspiration. In the meantime, feel free to contact us to see how we can help.
We are hard at work at creating Performance Management cases for your inspiration. In the meantime, feel free to contact us to see how we can help.


Delaware Consulting implements a global Business Intelligence system on top of an SAP solution for Quiksilver.

Download Quiksilver Case=

TCR Group

Delaware Consulting provides TCR Group with a solid new reporting system, based on Microsoft technology.

Download TCR Case=


Over the years, we have developed a list of Preferred Partners in Business Software, based on qualities such as flexibility, scalability, and vision. Their software, combined with our years of expertise, will help your company thrive, today and tomorrow.
acorn microsoft sap sas tableau

Research and Publications

Our Business Insights team has a rich history of publications and groundbreaking research in all aspects of Performance Management and Business Intelligence.

When we say that we are the best in what we do, we mean it. Business Insights is at the forefront of new developments and continues to write management books and teach at all major universities, business schools and management schools.


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